Infra-red Martyn in the palms

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Martyn, named after the photographer, was 45 years old when this photograph was taken.  Some time later Martyn was either speared, shot with a bullet, or shot with a poisoned arrow in a front leg whilst across the border in neighboring Tanzania.  A vet flew from Nairobi to treat him but despite being darted with a powerful tranquilizer Martyn didn’t succumb.  After half an hour the vet darted him again. This time he collapsed onto his brisket and the team had to pull him over onto his side using ropes to ensure he did not suffocate.  After cleaning the wounds and giving him antibiotics, the vet administered the antidote but Martyn was unable to get to his feet.  The ropes were used once again but this time to help him to his feet.  He had only been up a few minutes when Solonga, another large bull, appeared out of nowhere and knocked him down again. Martyn was completely exhausted by this time and once again couldn’t get up. Miraculously the vet and his team got the ropes on him once more and pulled him up. Two days later he was looking much better and it looked like the treatment had worked.  But sadly Martyn died some time later and Amboseli lost yet another of its magnificent bulls and I lost my namesake.