All limited edition prints are fibre-based silver gelatin hand prints.  There are two options available.  One is black and white, the other thiocarbamide toned.  Thiocarbamide is a form of sulphide toner which, after having bleached the original black and white image, “locks in” the silver content of the silver gelatin print making the image archivally stable up to and beyond 150 years.  Thiocarbamide gives the image a yellow/brown warmth.  Each print is hand printed by Masterprinter Robin Bell.

Robin Bell, Photographic Printer

Robin Bell is one of Britain’s leading photographic printers, an outstanding professional who specialises in hand-processing black & white images to an extremely high standard. He is one of the few remaining specialists in this craft.

In his 25 year career, Robin has worked with many exceptional photographers including Terry O’Neill, Don McCullin, Bill Brandt, Eve Arnold, David Bailey, Richard Avedon, Bob Carlos Clarke, Terence Donovan, Norman Parkinson and Linda McCartney, as well as many more whose work is instantly recognisable to the public even if their names are not.


Once an order has been placed, the photo will be printed and stored until Martyn is available to sign your limited edition print. Due to Martyn’s overseas commitments, it can take up to 14 weeks before the print will be signed and securely delivered. We will update you on your order when it has been shipped.